How to Dispose of Old Home Heating Oil

Disposing of old heating oil can be a tricky job. Many do not know where to turn. If you are not familiar with disposing of old heating oil, it is best to call in a professional. It is important to follow safety guidelines when disposing of heating oil. Here are some tips for easy disposal.


Some types of heating oil is considered hazardous waste. Your first step will be a simple phone call. Call your local public works department. They may offer pick-up of the heating oil. If they do not do pick-ups, they can let you know of any drop-off sites. Many states have biodiesel recycling sites. There may be restrictions on the amount that you can bring in. Call ahead to see if there are restrictions. When preparing your oil for transport, there are a couple things to remember. When handling heating oil, always wear gloves. Keep all containers closed and labeled. Never mix different types of oil. This can be a fire hazard. When transporting heating oil, try to gain access to a truck. Fumes of heating oil can be toxic, so it is best to transport with a truck. If you do not feel comfortable with hauling heating oil, call in a professional who is trained in proper disposal.